Cyanide Carbon Slurry Adsorption

Working principle:
Non filtration cyanidation carbon slurry process for directly adsorbing and recovering gold from cyanidation pulp with activated carbon

Process introduction:
The CIP production line process of gold mine is a filterless cyanide carbon slurry process that uses activated carbon to directly adsorb and recover gold from cyanide slurry, including seven operation stages: preparation of leaching slurry, cyanide leaching, activated carbon adsorption, desorption of gold loaded carbon, preparation of gold slime by electric shock, recycling of gold removal carbon and treatment of leaching slurry.
Preparation of leaching pulp → cyanide leaching → activated carbon adsorption → desorption of gold loaded carbon → preparation of gold slime by electric shock → recycling of gold removal carbon → treatment of leaching pulp

Main equipment:
◆ leaching mixing tank ◆ carbon screen ◆ two-layer (three-layer) washing thickener ◆ high efficiency, low consumption and rapid desorption electrolysis system

Process advantages:
Cancel the solid-liquid separation equipment, and the gold recovery rate is high; Activated carbon countercurrent adsorption, high adsorption rate

Flotation gold concentrate or mercury mixing, gravity separation tailings, or argillaceous oxidized gold ore.

There are mainly two kinds of ores applicable to the gold Beneficiation Production Line: one is flotation gold concentrate or mercury mixing and gravity separation tailings, and the other is argillaceous oxidized ore.

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