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Shaanxi Tuxingsun Mining & Service Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Tuxingsun Mining & Service Co., Ltd. is a large-scale mining service institution specializing in the manufacturing of mining machinery, mineral analysis, beneficiation process design, equipment selection, and equipment installation and debugging. After years of hard work and development, our company has accumulated extensive experience in the manufacturing of beneficiation equipment and owns two directly affiliated factories specializing in the production and manufacturing of beneficiation and crushing & grinding equipment. The enterprise has obtained “self-supporting import and export rights” and “self-handling inspection qualification”. The factory covers an area of 17 hectares, with a building area and various large-scale mechanical processing equipment, metallurgical casting equipment, professional mechanical manufacturing engineers, beneficiation engineers, and professional equipment installation teams. This has laid a solid foundation for providing you with high-quality services.

Our company’s gravity beneficiation equipment, magnetic separation equipment, electrical separation equipment, flotation equipment, grading equipment, and screening equipment have received consistent praise from mining enterprise users. In recent years, we have begun to focus on the international market. With the continuous improvement of high-quality products and excellent services, our products are also highly appreciated by customers in various countries in the international market. Due to the superior performance of our products and professional after-sales service, our products have been sold to countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Somalia, Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and Vietnam. We customize complete equipment that meets our customers’ site environment and requirements.
In our overseas projects, especially in gold mining and beneficiation, chrome ore separation and purification processes, tantalum and niobium ores, tungsten ores, tin ores, and multi-element coastal sand mining projects, we have extensive experience. Our equipment plays a crucial role in the separation and purification of metal and non-metal minerals. The application scope includes gold, zirconium, tungsten, tin, nickel, chrome, copper, iron, manganese, titanium, bismuth, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, and other metal minerals, as well as non-metals such as quartz sand and barite.

Tuxingsun Mining has always focused on the long-term development of mining machinery. Our company has obtained the Chinese Manufacturer SGS Certification Supplier Certificate, Alibaba international authoritative certification, and ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. We cooperate closely with various scientific research units across the country, vigorously introducing and developing mining machinery products with high technical content and cost-effectiveness. We have successively developed new types of shaftless drum screens, wheel-driven washing machines, mobile gold selection units, and mobile screening units. With a persistent belief and the purpose of honesty towards the world, we integrate resources to provide customers with comprehensive products and wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality services.

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In recent years, Technology Expert Group has achieved significant results in the field of mineral processing with its outstanding technical strength and rigorous professional ethics. These achievements have earned them widespread market recognition and customer praise. The following are the main achievements of our team


Technical Innovation

Our team has been dedicated to the innovation and research of mineral processing technologies, successfully developing several technologies that are at the forefront internationally. The application of these technologies has significantly enhanced the efficiency of mineral resource extraction, reduced production costs, and created immense value for our clients.


Successful Project Implementation

We have undertaken the design and construction of numerous mineral processing projects both domestically and internationally, all of which have been successfully completed. The successful implementation of these projects has not only increased our clients’ production capacities but also saved them considerable time and financial resources.


Contribution to Environmental Protection

Our team prioritizes green mineral processing and actively participates in environmental protection initiatives. Our technologies and solutions have effectively reduced pollution emissions during the mineral processing phase, protecting the ecological environment and contributing to sustainable development.

Our achievements

In recent years, the Xi’an United Mineral Processing Technology Expert Team has achieved significant achievements in the field of mineral processing with its outstanding technical strength and rigorous work attitude, winning widespread market recognition and customer praise.


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Company Culture

The Xi’an United Mineral Processing Technology Expert Team steadfastly upholds the core values of “innovation in technology, integrity first, team collaboration, and pursuit of excellence.” We are committed to providing high-quality mineral processing technology solutions to our global customers, contributing to the effective development and utilization of mineral resources. Moving forward, we will continue to embrace these values, relentlessly pursue excellence, and create a brighter future together.


To become a global leader in providing mineral processing technology solutions, contributing to the effective development and utilization of mineral resources.


Dedicated to the innovation and optimization of mineral processing technologies, we aim to enhance the efficiency of mineral resource extraction, reduce production costs, and create maximum value for our customers.

Innovation in Technology

We are committed to continuous research and development, driving the advancement of mineral processing technologies, and providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions.

Integrity First

We adhere to the principles of integrity, establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with our customers, and achieving sustainable development together.

Team Collaboration

We leverage our team's collaborative spirit, combining strengths to provide professional and efficient services to our customers.

Environmental Philosophy

We prioritize green mineral processing, actively participate in environmental protection initiatives, and protect the ecological environment.

Employee Care

We focus on the growth of our employees, provide a favorable working environment and training opportunities, and aim for the mutual development of our employees and the company.

Giving Back to Society

We actively engage in public welfare activities, contributing to the harmonious development of society.

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